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Limo Internet Advertising:

(310) 295-2145




Limo Marketing, Pay Per Click & SEO.

Tired of hiring big advertising agencies that promise you the world but deliver peanuts?

We have 2 flat rate options:

$50 Per Month to manage a local limo business advertising account.

$150 Per Month to manage a nationwide advertising campaign + set up.

2 Month Minimum Commitment is Required on either plan

Don't believe it when generic advertising agencies try to fool you into thinking they buy the keywords at discounted prices from Google, it's a LIE! They actually pad an extra 33% profit on top of the click rates and charge you all kinds of fees.

Don't believe me? I invite you to call google today and find out if they actually offer discounts on click rates: 1-877-721-1738

We already know what keywords you need, and the audience you need to reach out to.

Pay Per Click Through Google, Yahoo, Bing & More.

Search Engine Optimization Services ( SEO )

Your Reservations can be dispatched to your drivers

24 Hour service, but you only pay for the time that you use

Low-Cost Dispatchers And Reservationists ready to serve you and your customers with the highest quality of service!

Rates as low as $99 per month!

Local (310) 295-2145

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